Overflows / Desbordes (2015)

Sala Santiago, U de Talca. Collective.


  • Ana Hirschmann
  • Jorge Young
  • Óscar Santis

We say overflowing to refer to what goes beyond the limit, in our case its own edge, blurring the relationship between surface, volume and void in works that permeate the space, articulating a perception of the object that leaves itself taking the room to Through different approaches to transparency, reflections and particularly to the light where we agree.
This way of understanding the exhibition space activated by the work and the perception of the visitor updates us the look of a work founded on the task, the craft of art, the work of refining on one’s perception, which becomes a creative work.
The fragile task of building a permeable boundary brings us together to confront our work in this exhibition we call “Desbordes” (Overflows).