Studies and works that build visual and sound structures in terms of activating our perception and making references to spaces of reality

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To create an artistic work is a product of a state, which is originated by the way we perceive reality. In relation to the things that surround us, we are constantly interrupted, either by the irruption of them in our daily life or by the fact of stopping to look, hear and feel them.
Receiving or making a call, recording a sound, taking a photograph or drawing, can be a fleeting time in relation to the total of which we have consciousness. The set of these interruptions, due to their quantity and intensity is transformed into a new sensitive layer that exists in a parallel line. The space between these interruptions gives a different meaning to the things that are in it. The relative vacuum of this layer is the interference it produces over another, it is the product of the jumps between levels of perception and retention of reality.
The world holds a layer of communication in a network of numerical codes. In it, the particularities of each thing and each person are transformed. Communication ceases to be tangible in one aspect and becomes virtual.
For example, a series of numbers can support the structure of an idea. As a consequence an image or a sound becomes the partial appearance of it. This, when intervened, manipulated and transformed, is re originated to recreate the primary structure that sustains its existence.

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